Pinks Gym, 11 High Street, Carshalton
Surrey SM5 3AP

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Pinks Gym

Pinks Gym was established in 1986 by Peter Pink and his wife Patricia. Over the years the gym has gone from strength to strength.

The Gym started off primarily as a bodybuilding concern but as trends have changed, the gym has expanded to accommodate the needs of the many.

This has been highlighted by the addition of the brand-new air-conditioned cardio-vascular suite with 18 pieces of equipment designed to create the perfect training environment for its members.

In addition, there is 4000 sq.ft. of main gym sporting the latest designs in training equipment and a ladies only Gym for those ladies who wish to train in a more relaxed atmosphere.

As can be seen, Pinks Gym has catered for almost all modern day fitness trends and will continue to do so.